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Luke has been the driving force behind several high technology environmental companies since 1979. He founded and served as chief executive officer of three companies involved in converting biomass to fuel, fiber, feed and other high value products. In this capacity he has lead and directed the design, construction and operation of several plants which produced fuel ethanol from corn and industrial wastes, using novel fermentation techniques and high rate anaerobic digesters to treat the resulting effluent. He helped develop technology which hydrolyzed wood wastes into fermentation feedstock and other high tech materials such as epoxies, carbon fibers, and resins. To that end he co-founded the Bio-based Materials Center at Virginia Polytechnic Institute with Dr. Wolfgang Glasser.

From 1980 to 1990 Luke also played a very active role as an advocate for renewable fuels and sustainable technologies. He co-founded and served as president of the Virginia Ethanol Association, and served on the board of directors of the national Renewable Fuels Association. He had direct input into several key pieces of legislation, such as the 1984 Clean Air Act. He also served on numerous economic development commissions, and was a member of the Planning Commission and the Grant Review Committee for the Tennessee Valley Authority’s South East Regional Biomass Energy Program.

When in 1990 a combination of low crude oil prices and declining federal and state incentives for ethanol caused the demise of many bio-fuels companies, Luke successfully retooled and retrained his companies into solvent and oil recycling businesses. His companies recycled antifreeze, industrial alcohols, acetic acid, many types of glycols, oils and amines for Goodyear, Du Pont, Herculese, Dow, Abbott Labs, Hoechst Celanese, and others.

In 1991, Luke founded Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company [PESCO] as an answer to the increasing demand for on-site, reasonably priced, skid mounted solvent and oil recovery systems. As president of PESCO he has led it from modest beginnings to a company with international recognition in the field of skid mounted solvent recovery systems over a period of 18 years. PESCO systems are recycling everything from acetone to xzylene and motor oil, in locations ranging from Australia to Virginia.

In 1998, he co-founded VEDCO LLC, a company which recycles non-hazardous solvents such as various Glycols and NMP at its Roanoke, Virginia state of the art stainless steel distillation plant.

In 2003, he co-founded Eden Custom Processing, LLC, a company which recycles non-hazardous solvents such as various Glycols and NMP at its Eden, NC state of the art stainless steel distillation plant.

In 2007, due to rapid growth experienced by his company, Luke merged his company with BEAM Engineering of India, and attracted investment from UTI, a well known investment group. The company, now known as PESCO-BEAM Environmental Solutions Inc., has experienced meteoric growth and continues to grow and expand even in the current financial melt-down. The combined company now has 250,000 square feet of engineering and manufacturing facilities in the USA and India, and is building bio-fuels and recycling plants in the USA and other parts of the world. In 2008 PESCO-BEAM delivered and commissioned 3 oil re-refineries, one bio-diesel plant, and one ethanol plant.

Luke is a member of the Executive Committee of NORA and a sought-after speaker at professional forums and social events that focus on sustainable development.

Corporate History:

  • President and CEO, Floyd Agricultural Energy Co-op, 1979 - 1985
  • President and CEO, Sunshine Energy Corporation, 1983 - 1991
  • President and CEO, FAEC, Ltd., 1985 - 1993
  • President and CEO, Bio-Regional Energy Assoc., Ltd., 1985 - 1991
  • President and CEO, PESCO, 1991 – 2007
  • President and CEO, PESCO-BEAM, 2007 to present


Subramaniam (Subu), is a Graduate Chemical Engineer with forty years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacture, and marketing of process equipment and in the management of projects.

He served with Larsen & Toubro Ltd for six years as a Design engineer in their Research & Development Division working on the design of process equipment used for solid-solid reactions with high temperature gas-solid heat transfer. The application areas for these include Cement kilns and Calcination plants and the attendant mixing, feeding and cooling equipment.

Subu then worked for seven years with Macneill & Magor Ltd in their Industrial Machinery Division, first in Bombay and then as in charge of the Southern Regional Operations. He selected, sized, estimated and sold a wide range of Industrial Drying Systems, Mixers and Vessels for a wide variety of applications during this tenure.

For the next three years, he was with Coromandel Steels Ltd as its General Manager during which time he was successful in turning around the company by securing and executing large value heavy engineering contracts for the mining sector.

Subu founded BEAM Engineering Pvt Ltd in 1989 as a first generation entrepreneur and grew it into a well appointed, multi-disciplined process equipment engineering and manufacturing company. BEAM executed several contracts for PESCO between 1994 and 2007 and worked as PESCO’s manufacturing arm before PESCO and BEAM came together in 2007, to become a single company.

Today, Subu heads the PECO BEAM operations in India and works closely with the company President Luke Staengl in Marketing, Execution and Project management of PESCO BEAM, across the globe.

Subu is also a very active Rotarian and is a Past District Governor of Rotary International District 3230.



Shankar is a Fellow Chartered Accountant with 24 years of rich and extensive experience in Finance encompassing Accounts, Audit & Taxation, Forex management, Treasury, budgeting and fund raising.

He started his career as a practicing auditor before serving a well-known Non Banking Finance Company heading its marketing division as a mid-level Manager. He then joined Subramaniam in Beam Engineering as its Executive Director in 1993.

During this tenure, Shankar was instrumental in planning, staffing and in developing systems, procedures and controls, and the creation of an effective Management Information system that included designing a customized platform using web based solutions and integrating it with a SAP module which encompassed all areas of the organization. He also implemented and evaluated the organization’s programs and secured adequate funding for operations. He also spearheaded and secured the investment of a Private Equity Fund into PESCO BEAM.

Shankar currently handles the Business Strategy function and plays an important part in the company’s growth & diversification as the person in the front line of the organization. His strategic approach grew BEAM Engineering from its modest beginnings to an enterprise of value.

Shankar is also a Rotarian and has served his club in various capacities.

General Manager
Chief Engineer


Ashok is a senior executive manager and leader with extensive experience in both developed and emerging markets. 

Ashok has spent a significant part of his work experience in the chemical industry, with hands on operations and marketing responsibilities. After completing his Masters in Chemical Engineering and MBA from the University of Akron, OH, he served for several years as Operations Manager and Technical Director at Poly-Carb, Inc., in Cleveland, OH, a high performance construction chemical manufacturer, who is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemicals. During his tenure there, he managed key high profile highway construction projects which paved the way for their growth in the 90’s. Prior to joining PESCO BEAM, he was Director – Sales at BOSS, an Atlanta Software company, mentoring the delivery team, and marketing their desktop management system to a broad spectrum of market verticals such as Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Legal, and Professional Services.

He is currently General Manager of PESCO BEAM Environmental Solutions, Inc. The past 4 years, he spearheaded PESCO BEAM’s undertaking of the installation of its plant in Chester, SC. After its completion, he successfully managed the Base Oil business on behalf of the plant owners during its startup phase. Ashok is a member at NORA, the Association of responsible recyclers of Used Oil and related materials, and ILMA (Independent Lubricants Manufacturers Association)



John Winnicki is the Chief Engineer at PESCO BEAM Environmental Solutions Inc. He works as the nodal point & fulcrum for the multi-disciplined design team based both in the US and at Chennai, India. In August of 2013 he celebrated his 20th year with the company.

John is responsible for Overall Process Design; Detailed Process Design; Detailed Equipment Design; Detailed Control System Design; Final Equipment QC; Plant Commissioning; and, Plant Operational Overview. John is always in the loop with customers after plant operation has commenced in order to both continue to train plant management as well as to work with plant management to work out individual plant processing problems as they arise. John received his BS Degree from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia in June 1984.



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